You're Part of the Family

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Blue and Twist circling cattleDespite the intensity and high standards applied to training horses and riders, Blue Allen Training Stables is also a casual and comfortable environment where the camaraderie extends to neighbors, friends, grandparents and visiting trainers from other states or other countries. Mealtime usually finds 10-12 people gathered around the Allen dining room table. Dinner, often a group effort, is especially enjoyable as riders talk about their efforts that day and share stories about their horses and their lives. It's a large family united by their common passion for riding cow horses and striving to be the best they can be.


For some clients, visits to Blue Allen's are part of their regular schedule. One woman leaves her trailer and horses there and commutes 4+ hours each way nearly every week to train for 2 or 3 days. Another fellow rented an apartment nearby.


For these and other clients, there is the added benefit of seeing each other outside the show arena which has led to some new friendships.



Blue and Twist stopping Blue and Twist going down the fence